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Okay, lots to ramble about today!

Productivity - I am a MORNING person. Yes, I know it's a sickness. I've been told MANY times over the years and Heather H. (and I'm sure Heather B. too) can attest to my crazy energy levels in the morning. For instance, today I woke up at 630 am - on a holiday. WHY? WHY must my body wake up at such an early hour when I am able to peacefully slumber away? It's also a curse. Anyway, I woke up, unloaded and then loaded the dishwasher and got it started on another load. (FYI: Dirty dishes are my nemesis. Then, I decided to go ahead and try my "Martha Crocker" hand at making jam. So, I made a batch of cranberry banana jam. My first time making cooked jam ever. The verdict isn't out yet on how it turned out. THEN, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, because I had promised them to Steve. After that I decided I had better get cracking on the master bathroom shower. It was icky. I've tried to scrub it before, but didn't get anywhere with it. But, today, thanks to Barkeepers Friend, it was scoured and scrubbed - and is SUPER clean! LOVE that!! When that was all finished, it was 10am - and I lost my energy streak!!! Steve bugged me to get dressed (hello... it's a holiday. I'm ALLOWED to stay in my PJ's all day... sheesh dude!!. So, I plopped my bootie on the couch and got caught up on my DVR shows (LOOOOVE DVR! I even have one in my studio - love that SO much!) I did manage to get a few productive things accomplished in my studio today. But, that didn't happen until tonight. I always have OOODLES of energy in the morning, next to none in the afternoon, and then once in a while I'll have a massive spurt in the evening or at night. What's wrong with me? Why can't I keep that energy flow going all day long?? Sometimes, I'll come into my studio before work and play - and people wonder why I'm late to work. :)

CHA - Ladies (and should they be reading, Gentlemen) I am going to CHA. Yes, you read that right, CHA in LAS VEGAS!!! (I know some of you are thinking... cool.. she's excited. But, what the crap is CHA?? CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association. It's a tradeshow where manufacturers and distributers of any and ALL craft or hobby products have booths. Their goal is to convince retailers to purchase their products so that the end user (that would be you - the consumer) can purchase it. This show is only open to manufacturers, retailers, designers, and special guests. There's no shopping - only ordering. It's Tres' Cool!) My CHA trip is my birthday present really. Well, that's how I sold it to Steve. Kind of. I explained how I really wanted to go (I had decided to wait until the summer CHA show instead of going to the winter show), and that Virginia (one of my Magic Scraps Buddies) had done research on costs, etc. I can get it as a designer because of the companies I do work for, and he said okay. Color me EXCITED! The last CHA show I went to was two years ago when it was held here in Dallas. I was UBER busy with scoping things out, but also busy planning a 2Peas dinner and collecting prizes. I didn't enjoy myself as much as I will this time.

What does this mean to you, my faithful friends and readers?? You're in for a treat!!! Tell me what booths you are dying to see. Tell me what products you're dying to see photos of! Tell me what companies you're dying to get the scoop on. I will get it for YOU! I've created a notebook to take along with me to the show - and I'll post each night with what I've found and will post photos. Think of it as a requested review. What would you like to see a review of? Post it - and I'll do my best to get it!

Birthdays - Yes, humble readers, it's that time of year again. The day in which I celebrate the "anniversary of my 29th birthday" has once again come and gone. I can't say that I felt anything earth shattering change in my life. I can't say that anything overly exciting (other than buying my CHA trip) happened. I worked in my studio getting a few things done, went to dinner with Steve and Tom to MiPueblo, picked up a few things at the Colleyville Scrapbook Warehouse (got the new Hero Arts paisley stamps and Rhonna Farrer Scribbles paper -- fabulous!), and then picked up some VERY yummy Champagne Cake from Market Street Grocery. Seriously, it's SO yummy. I'm still trying to figure out why they call it Champagne Cake because there isn't any champagne in it. I am guessing it's because the cake is SO smooth. It's sweet, but not like a normal cake. It's an understated sweet. Perfect for me. It was lovely to have so many birthday well wishes. I am blessed to have such great family and friends!!

I think that's enough rambling for now. I planned on answering everyone's questions this weekend, but I didn't. CHA was on my brain. I will either later tonight (I think I found some creative mojo... better use it to finish up my CHA projects) or sometime tomorrow.

Can't wait to hear what companies you're dying to have me scope for you!

Creatively Yours,


T. said...

Oohh, I'm jealous. I'd love to figure out a way to go to CHA sometime.

I'd love to see what new stuff 7 Gypsies, Basic Grey, & Ki Memories have out. I'm also liking a bunch of the Heidi Swapp stuff I've seen lately. (I don't always know what to do with it, but I like it.)

Frankly, I love it all and I'd love to have every scrapbooking doodad known to exist, but my budget & space constraints keep me real. I've fallen in love with rub-ons & ribbon, so if you see any really cool examples, I'd be interested.

And enjoy Vegas! The town is definitely sensory overload, but fun.


Dale Anne Potter said...

Well, being a newbie to scrapbooking - I'd LOVE to see everything!!!
I've playing in Altered Arts, & stamping for a few years now so scrapbooking was a natural progression.......hard when you are on limited income but I LOVE it!!!
So, anything and everything for me!!! LOL

SSgtBullsGirl said...

Girl is there room in that suitcase to squeeze my butt in I wanna go! (CHA) Seriously have a great time, check out everything Heidi Swapp and of course Rusty Pickle for me and report back. He have a drink too. Where are you staying?
Huggs & Love
Le Anne