I’ve been tagged…. Again. Yes, AGAIN. But, I can’t complain too much because I’m normally the one who tags everyone else first. I’ll answer everyone’s “questions” in a bit! So…. first onto LeAnne’s tag:

4 jobs you have had in your life?
Fast Food Server (at “The Dog House”. I wasn’t an attractive teenager. Imagine the wonderful comments I received.. yeah. Nice.)
Call Center Supervisor for Key Bank
Technical Recruiter for NESCO Resource
Surgical Trainer for USMD

4 movies you could watch over and over?
Sweet Home Alabama
Much Ado About Nothing
The Sound of Music
Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea

4 places you have lived?

4 tv shows you love to watch?
Greys Anatomy
Wife Swap (or is it the other wife swap show??)

4 places you have been on vacation?
Paris, France
London, England
Canadian Border
Switzerland (Can you tell I spent 17 years in Germany??)

4 websites you visit daily?
(and of course all of my friends blogs!)

4 of your favorite foods?
Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese (Anything Asian or Oriental)
Anything my mother makes!

4 places you would rather be right now?
In my studio
In my studio watching DVR
In my studio watching DVR and creating
In my studio watching DVR and creating while surfing the internet

4 bloggers you are tagging
Man… is there anyone left to tag??

Heather H.
Maryn G.
Dale Anne

Caroline L.

Now, onto Heather B’s Tag:

Something I keep hidden: Credit card receipts! lol Just kidding. Doesn’t do ANY good to hide them, Steve views the statements ONLINE on a regular basis.

Something that's always on display: Wedding or engagement photosOne thing I wish I could throw away: I can’t throw anything away! I’m a hoarder!!! Oooooh I know... Projects are ALWAYS on display in my studio! :)

One thing I will never throw away: My Dylan Box

The best gift I have ever received: My life and the opportunities I’ve been granted because of it. really is.

An unusual thing in my purse: Hmm… a garage door opener. Steve gave me a key fob garage door opener for Christmas – so it’s ALWAYS with me!

Something that's always in my trunk: I’m with the lazy crowd!! We’ve had our Costco Toilet Paper and Paper Towels in the back of the car for … like a MONTH!

Something I never run out of: Cream of Chicken soup (it would be… a TRAVESTY if I ran out!!)

My favorite pair of shoes: My black half boots. They’re in need of serious repair, but they are SO great – especially since I avoid getting my pants hemmed at all costs (and I am UBER short!). In the summer though, much to Steve’s dismay – it’s FLIP FLOPS all the way baby!

Something I never take off: Nothing! I would say my wedding ring, but I don’t sleep with it on. I know…. My PERSONALITY.. ha ha ha maybe I should have said my sense of humor because I take EVERYTHING off!

Something I sleep with every night: My WOOBIE!!!

Something that triggers a memory: Music

Something my children fight over: Ummm….. my children are absolutely perfect! They don’t do a thing wrong! Perfect Angels! Of course, they are – they don’t exist yet!

One thing that's on my wishlist: A new Digital Camera

Something I'm embarrassed to admit I like: hmm there isn't much I won't admit. okay… I’ll publically admit it….. I listen to New Kids on the Block...on occasion!

Something I collect: H. Seriously, the letter H. Uppercase, lower case, any H I can find.

Something I avoid at all cost: Doing dishes (see yesterday’s post!)

Ok, so I'm going to tag the following chickies….. Not! I already tagged 4 up above. So, that makes me exempt!!! HA HA HA HAHA

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