2006 Ambitions

First, someone asked me if what I thought about the "ask me anything" questions that some of my friends have subjected themselves to on their blogs. I think it's a fun idea, and will subject myself to the same. So, ask me anything - anything at all. Post your questions in the comment section (i.e. Leave me a comment) and I'll answer them all.

Onto today's post...

Each January, I always have high hopes and grand plans in store for the coming year. I don't normally create wishlists of goals and resolutions simply because if I do, I'll never meet them. In my mind, resolutions should be created when personal deficiencies are found and not just at the specific time of year that society dictates.

I do, however, appreciate the attention and time given at the start of each year, to improving ones self. And it is on that note, that I've given some thought and time to a few things I would like to do during 2006 - ambitions rather than resolutions. I'm sure I'll add to this list as the year passes.

And so it is, without any further adu, that I present my 2006 Ambitions List:
  • I will be ontime to work the majority of the time. (I am chronically late - to everything! Even if I'm out of bed at 4am, I can't make it to work on time. There are way too many funner things that I want to be doing!
  • I will read at least 50 books this year. (I've read two already, so I guess I'm in good shape there!)
  • I will travel to Fort Smith, Arkansas and to Houston, Texas (and hopefully other places too) to play with my scrapbooking girlfriends - just because.
  • I will keep my house tidy. (I know, with only two of us, how can it possibly not be tidy? Believe me - it's not.)
  • I will take photography classes at a local community college (I have a great SLR with lenses and stuff - but absolutely no clue how to use most of it.)
  • I will take guitar lessons (I'd really love to be able to suprise the crap out of my dad and jam with him.)
  • I will focus on not eating crap, eating (and cooking) healthier meals, and on getting my body into better physical shape (meaning toning, and getting rid of excess skin - so gross! I'm not so focused or worried about losing actual poundage.)
  • I will become a coupon queen. I'd LOVE to be able to save some money at the grocery store. We don't spend a whole lot on groceries, but if I can save anything at all, I'd love it!
  • I will travel with my husband to visit our families (this is a HUGE undertaking! We have main family members in California, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Mississippi, and South Texas. That's a lot of family!)
  • I will watch my spending, and keep my crazy purchases under control.
  • I will clear out my extra studio stash, list it on eBay, and will be careful about maintaining a clear creative space.
What brought all of this on? Well a month or so ago, Steve asked me what some of my "dreams" are (things that I dream of doing at sometime in my life, or a list of things I'd like do to before I pass on), and I couldn't think of any. Strange, isn't it? I know that at one time, I had a notebook loaded with lists of things I'd like to do before I die but I really have no clue where it went. I've been trying to think back on what the items were. Some of them were really quite silly (toilet paper a hot guy's car), some were serious (get married and have kids), some definitely showed how immature I was (win a wrestling match and go bungee jumping), some were actually wise beyond my years (teach my children to live kind and compassionate lives), some were next to impossible (have a major singing role in a major broadway production), and some were just plain out there (sing the national anthem at a baseball or football game).

I've lived a very full life for someone of my age. I've been blessed with amazing experiences, and an outstandingly awesome family to support, guide, and participate in some of them with. I really feel that if I were to pass today, my life would have been lived - and not just passed by. But, assuming I have many more years ahead of me - bring on the dreams and ambitions!

Hmmm maybe I should start thinking about my 2006 creative ambitions. There's lots of things I'd like to do creatively, but finding the time and money to do them can sometimes be another story. Hmmm something to think about though!

Creatively Yours,


Heather said...

I heard someone say "A goal that is not written down is only a dream." So girlie, you're halfway there!

So here's my "ask me anything" question for you.... if you could be any movie character, which one would you be?

And a bonus queston... What is "your" song? Not you and Steve, just you. What song makes you go "Wow, that is so me."

msjonnalee said...

again, you are an inspring individual, do you have any idea how many lives you have touched.. as many as the stars my friend...

HB asked a good question... I know at one time you had the opportunity to be on a tv show, what was that crafting across america or something like that... but if you could be on any TV show, which one and why?

T. said...


To add on to what Jonna said, I enjoy hearing about your creative adventures because it encourages me to keep plugging along, even if I don't accomplish "huge" things.

No question today, only a comment. Photography has been a passion of mine for nearly 30 years and I'm familar with film & digital cameras and Photoshop. One of the best "quick learn" books I've found that I swear by, is Nick Kelsh's "How to Photograph Your Life."

Second, my secret weapon for cooking, grocery shopping, meal planning etc is the menu mailer at www.savingdinner.com I never really learned the "art" of kitchen; my Mom just magically made it all work, so this has been a life-saver for me.