Cooooool Magic Scraps Stuff...

Okay, so remember how I mentioned that Magic Scraps was releasing something that I thought was pretty dang cool? Well, Ashley spilled the beans about it on her blog, so I'm pretty sure it's okay to share the scoop with you guys.

At CHA, Magic Scraps is releasing a new line of products called Route 99. What is Route 99 you ask? It's GREAT products all designed to retail for just $0.99!!! Yes, a DOLLAR!!! Their new icon is the coolio Scooter Girl (see her on the left???), and Magic Scraps is giving away a scooter at CHA (so be sure to stop by their booth to register to win!!! (And... the shopping bags you can get are hand stamped by yours truly, Virginia, Bernie, Ashley, Emily, and Kate!!).

Anyway, it's a VERY exciting line! I'm excited about these fun products and that they are SOOOO inexpensive. Here's a sneak peek at some of their new items - Clear Accents and Flat Paper Clips. Check out Ashley's blog for more updates as the days roll on!

And, don't forget to share what companies you're dying to see reviewed!! I can't wait to share my CHA findings with you! Only 10 sleeps left!


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