Shopping, Stamping, and other creative endeavors

Wow... what a weekend! I can't remember a weekend where I was on the go so much - well, except for the wedding. Here's a brief run-down...

I spent Friday evening with the creative and design team of Magic Scraps. Ladies, their CHA releases are awesome! They've come out with a line that will appeal to every scrapper - and more importantly, THIER BUDGET! I love the concept behind this line, and the end result. Can't wait to play with it all! After looking at the new releases, we spent the evening stamping white shopping bags for their CHA booth with Heidi Swapp masks and foam stamps. (If you're going to CHA 2006, Las Vegas - be sure to stop by the Magic Scraps booth! Awesome prizes and fun are to be had!!)

I left there around 12:30p (at least that's when I think I left...). I had a creative jump start and was on a mission. I've really been enjoying seeing everyone's stamped and painted jeans lately. I've been thinking about making myself a pair, but with my sizes changing so mcuh I didn't want to put too much effort or money into them. I spied a pair at the mall, but there is NO way I could justify coughing up $200+ bucks for them - Steve would FLIP! So, I trolloped myself over to W-Mart, and picked up a pair of jeans that I could justify messing with (just in case they didn't turn out well).

I had planned to stamp out words like Create, Inspire, Design, etc on them with a few other shapes, but my creativity was waning. I found a stash of KandiKane heat set crystals (and REAL swarovski crystals) in my studio. That's all it took for my creativity to jump into overdrive. I used Heidi Swapp, Maya Road, and Making Memories stamps in black originally. I realized that the black really wasn't showing up, so I hand painted over them (using them as my guide) in white. After that had dried, I applied the crystals, rhinestones, and other bling. As I finsihed up, I realized it was close to 8:30am (yes, I had stayed up ALL night long), and I was set to meet up with some girlfriends at the Grapevine Stamping show when it opened at 10am. ACK!

So, off into the shower I went, and then over to the stamp show, in my new jeans. I'm happy with how they turned out. I will do a few things differently next time, but they are just dandy for now! I found a few fun items (to be shared later) but I stuck to my budget (miracle of miracles) and didn't spend anything other than the cash I had taken with me. I realized soon after I had made my last purchase that my mind was starting to go wonky (more than ususal anyway) and that I needed to get myself home to bed while I was still capable!

But, of course, I realized as I was leaving the show that my LSS (Scrapbook Warehouse) had just gotten in Stacy's new book and it was flying OFF of the shelves. So, I made a mad dash over to the store and picked it up (and a few other fun miscellaneous things too!). Ahhh sweet fun!

I finally made it home, and crashed for a few hours. Steve was supposed to be home around midnight (he flew to CA to drive back to TX with his brother, Thomas). I tried to stay up and wait for him to get home, but I had to crash. It turns out it was a wise choice because they didn't make it home until 11am or so. (One big huge point for men and their lack of asking for directions. They were in northern California. Somehow, they managed to get to the mexican border. TOTALLY the wrong way boys!!!).

After church, and spending some time recovering, I played in my studio (and made a complete mess) with some stamps. I sure do love stamps!

That's enough rambling for now, ya think??

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T. said...

Hey! That sounds like a really fun, really successful weekend! I spent the weekend on call but I'm proud of myself for having finished two page spread, in spite of work!

The jeans, btw, ROCK! I'm not that brave. I can hear my Mom's voice in my mind saying "You're going to do *What* to that perfectly good pair of jeans?!?!"