The end of another work week...

Here we are - at another Friday! Wahooo! I have so many things I want to accomplish this weekend. I hope I can manage to get most of it completed. Of course, there are plenty of wedding tasks to get done. There are a few papercrafting tasks I need to work on also. Finally, would my weekend be complete without some housekeeping and laundry? I'd hate to have an "uncomplete" weekend! :)

I talked to the wedding invitation printer, and they believe that the invites will be here tommorrow. They should have been here days ago, but that's another story. So, please keep your fingers crossed that they will arrive, that I can get them assembled, and that they'll go postal THIS WEEKEND!

Heather B. and I are **hopefully** going to go to a few local wedding supply shops and floral outlets to find the perfect flowers for my bouquet and everyone elses corsages and bout's. I'm using hopefully because if the weather gets too stormy, or starts to get too bad here because of Hurricane Rita, I'm staying in! I'd LOVE to get the flowers done this weekend, but I'm NOT into flooding highways.

Sunday, after church, I'm planning to visit with my fun friend & Dymo Queen, Virginia. I'm looking forward to spending some good fun times with her and the rest of the group! Then, Sunday evening, Steve and I have another meeting with our wedding officiant, Bishop Hall. We're going over the ceremony - that ought to be entertaining! :)

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