Holy Cow.... Time Flies!!

WOW... I can't believe that it's almost Friday again! I've been so busy that the week has flown right by! I've been UBER busy actually! Our wedding invitations went postal. I worked on a few different design team projects (I'll post them later for your viewing pleasure!). I've been busy unpacking my boxes and slowly moving into Steve's house - make that OUR house (Sheri is teaching me to call it "ours"). We were able to pick up our engagement photos, and they are being put to heavy use in my Memory Trends projects! Melissa really did an incredible job.

Here are a few of my favorites:

It's funny and amazing (to me) to see the changes in myself from the set of photos Melissa took of us in the bluebonnets, to these. HOLY cow! My face is so small now! Seeing the differences makes me want to go to the gym instead of dreading it some days!

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