Slamming Fingers...

Years and Years ago.... when I was in third year or so... I think I was 8 or 9 years old, I got my finger slammed in a big heavy gate after reccess. It was a huge deal, and though I don't remember all of the details around the situation - I do remember that I blamed it entirely on two girls (who also happened to be my neighbors). I didn't just blame them though, I seriously blamed them. I told the principal that they put my fingers into the hinge, and then shut the gate... yes I made a huge story out of a simple (but incredibly painful) thing. In the end, I was even more embarassed when I had to admit that I lied. Both of our parents commanders were involved. It was a huge deal, both emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Why bring it up today? Well, last night I slammed my finger in the door leving Steve's garage. And, although I didn't blame it on anyone else (I might have tried if someone was around to blame), I was a serious drama queen. I don't know if its hormones, or just plain pain, but I don't think I've cried that hard in MANY many years. There's only one time I remember experiencing such pain, and that was a few years ago too. I was incredibly dramatic complete with wailing, thrashing, crying HUGE tears, screaming, and sobbing. I'm sure Steve was beside himself trying to figure out what happened, and what body part had been amputated.

It's kind of funny thinking about it now. I was SO upset that my finger was going to be ugly for the wedding. I kept thinking... I didn't want to get acrylic nails... I don't want my nail to fall off... I don't want to have to wear dark nail polish at my wedding... my pictures are going to highlight my finger... waaaah waaaah waahhh.

I seriously missed my calling in life. Broadway - Watch out!

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