Life's been really stressful! Mom, Dad, and Bekki with her family came up for the 4th weekend. I really REALLY loved having them here, but I really REALLY got stressed out about watching them and watching to make sure that nothing in the house got messed up. That's one of the struggles/trials about living with someone else. Everything in the house is Christa's - the only furniture pieces I have in the house are in my scrap studio, and then there are a few miscellaneous pieces in my bedroom. Looking back, I feel bad for Bekki because she must ahve thought that she was unwelcome - it was quite the opposite. I LOVED having her and her family here. I wish I had been able to enjoy it more though. You can see some of the photos from her visit in my creative blog.

Other than that, my mother's mother passed away the Thursday before the 4th's weekend. If you don't remember, my father's mother passed away sometime in May - and I attended her funeral in June. Traveling to attend funerals has become second nature to me. Well, not really but it seems that way. I've been thinking a lot about death, life, and just deep things in general. It's good for me to think a lot - it makes me a better person. But those closest to me (family... and Steve) are probably tired of my incessant questions! Steve thinks I'm crazy - and I am, I admit it! BUt, that's just me - take it or leave it! :)

Last week, I learned that my biological great-grandmother had a stroke. How my heart dropped to hear that! June is such a fun and loving woman! In fact, the very weekend I met her (face to face) she got her eyebrows tatoo'd on! How FUN! I recieved a phone message from Sheri (my birth mother) that said Gran had been released and that her doctors were impressed at her recovery! She's an incredible 80+ year old woman! I would really like to get to know her better, but finding the time and opportunity to travel is difficult.I have so much to write about, but time is running out. I'll try and update everyone as soon as I get a free moment!


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