I forgot! How could I forget??

Steve did THE sweetest thing for me yesterday! Here's the story...We went to his friend Jeff's parents home (Ken and Joann) for the 4th of July fireworks. (FYI: You can let them off - and any kind - in parts of Texas.... WOW!!). We were there UBER late, and I was UBER UBER tired (see earlier post about my family being in town). Anyway, I was beyond exhausted and traffic was not so fabulous, so I asked if I could crash at his house (my house would have been about 40 more minutes away due to traffic). He agreed.

Anyway, so he woke me up the next morning so that I would get ready for work, and right before we were leaving (he took me to work,and brought me home afterwards!), he gave me my lunch bag - LOADED! He made my lunch for me! For those of you who know what I eat/don't eat now, it's amazing that he was able to put something together! It was incredibly sweet of him - and I REALLY appreciated it!

Now, for the not-so-nice side of the story. He was waiting to pick me up when I got off from work, and he came over to my house to sleep until he needed to go to work. I had planned on cooking him dinner (salmon/rice/veggies) and I even set out the salmon to defrost. Then I fell asleep and didn't get a dang thing done! Not even dinner cooked! My poor guy went to work with only a few pork chops and a piece of apple pie in his tummy! I feel so guilty - STILL! So, tonight I'm fixing him dinner at his house and then I'll make sure he has a great lunch packed too. He's such a great guy!


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