A triple post kind of day....

There's a challenge on Two Peas to update your blog with 10 blessings or things you're grateful for. I have by far more than 10 things, but here goes:

1. My family. They have blessed me in so many ways that it would be impossible to count them all. They are THE biggest gift God could have ever blessed me with. I've said it once, and I'll say it over and over again - my parents ROCK!!!
2. Steve. He's the best thing that's happened to me - so far. I can't wait to begin a life (eventually) with him.
3. My health and the health of my family.
4. Dylan - and all of the experiences I've had because of him.
5. Sheri - for her sacrifice and the incredible blessing I recieved as a result.
6. A home, my car, beds, everything that provides me temporal support.
7. The opportunity to live in a free country.
8. My friends. They support me when I don't even realize I need support.
9. A job that not only provides for my needs, but provides enough to have some of my wants covered too.
10. The eternally encompassing love that God and Jesus Christ has for me.

Okay, thats enough emoting for tonight. I love you guys! Really - I do! Even those of you who don't post - i love you!

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