WOW..... I can't believe how long it's been since I updated everyone! My apologies! I've been so busy lately though, it doesn't suprise me!

S and I are still together. Okay, and for all of you who kept asking, his name is Steve. He's still a good guy. No complaints here. He requested the cutest thing (at least I think it is really cute and sweet). Because he works nights (10pm - 830am), he asked that we set aside one set weeknight to get together and go out to dinner so that we can make sure we see each other during the week and not just on our respective weekends. So, Wednesday nights are "our night" to go out and have dinner.

What else has been taking up my time? Well, I'm still scrapbooking like crazy. One of the companies I work with is doing a book that will be called something along the lines of "Scrapbooking in the Home" and another is doing "Stamping in the Home". SO... I'm super busy trying to think up new and creative ways to encorporate my hobbies into my home.

I attended Creating Keepsakes University earlier this month, and had a blast. Over the weekend I created at least 5 albums (2 regular sized and 3 mini albums), and started at least 4 more! Talk about MAJOR work! It was awesome! As soon as I get some free time, I'll scan them in and send out the link so you can check them out.

Summertime is quickly approaching, and I'm trying to find some free time between work and all to come and visit my families in Oregon (or it might be Mississippi) and New Mexico. As soon as I'm able to line something up, I will let everyone know (of course you'll know before hand because if I'm coming to visit YOU, I'll want to make sure you are available!).

I'll update more later, I need to get back to work~ALL MY LOVE, ~heather

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