Ahhhhhh.... Oatmeal! It's good for your heart. The more you eat... the more you......

So, day 2 of oatmeal eating is here. Not bad. Not bad at all. I grabbed (theived) a couple packages of Christa's Maple and Brown Sugar instant oatmeal. Intensely dislike Maple flavor. Otherwise though, oatmeal is a great breakfast. Quick, fast, and tasty too. AND it sticks to you so you're not hungry for hours. LOVE that.

Went and did my workout during lunch today. Awfully handy to have a gym here. So handy in fact that I'm thinking about cancelling my gym membership at 24hour Fitness. I have Power Yoga here twice a week, and the option for regular yoga 2 additional days. I can totally get my cardio in during 3 days, do Yoga and then treadmill the other 2.

What else is going on ... hmmm.... working on Valentine themed stuff for a show this weekend. However, I am going to do NO crafty stuff this weekend. I'm putting it all on hiatus. Which is cool with me. I've been cranking out projects for about a month for the Spring CHA show (which is this weekend).

I'm getting ready for CKU-A. For those of you who don't know what that is (could there be such a thing?) it is a convention run by Creating Keepsakes magazine. This particular convention is called Creating Keepsakes University - Album. The plan is to create a complete album in one weekend. Yes, a COMPLETE album, in just ONE weekend. This will be the first convention I've attended as a student in ... forever. I can't remember if I've ever attended a convention as a student and not a volunteer, instructor, or aid. I'm looking forward to it!Oh what fun.

Back to work I go...

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