Okay, first.... I have disconnected my home phone and will now be using my cell phone exclusively. I've actually been using it exclusively for a few months, but am only now getting around to canceling the phone and DSL lines. Yes, I'm also cancelling DSL. We (my housemate/roommate Christa) and I were able to get a fantastic deal with Charter cable (the only cable provider here) to cover the TV's and internet access. So, please update your email address books with my new/old email address of hbeste @ yahoo . com (minus the spaces).

need to learn how to sit ergonomically in my chair. I like to sit on my legs and that poses posture problems. Otherwise though, all was grand. I'm trying really hard to drink all of the water I'm supposed to (64oz daily) but it is SO hard sometimes! The protein drink I bought was ghastly, so I'm also back on the protein drink search. Oh what fun... NOT!

Lets see, what else happened. Nothing exciting. Saturday, I helped Christa with some yard work by trimming the Monkey Grass (decorative grass) and sitting to keep her company while she planted new flowers. She did a really great job and the yard looks very pretty. It's too bad that the dogs would eat the flowers if she planted them in the back yard, they (the flowers) would look great out there!Well, thats all.... Off to the shower I go


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