Yoga. Is it for wimps?

So, today I had my Power Yoga class. It's probably the only class that I can excel at with any athletic ease. Ahh the blessings of being one of those rubber band flexible folks. Anyway, during our 'cool down' (I guess you CAN get worked up during yoga... it just hasn't happened to me) exercises, I slipped. Yes, I slipped. Princess Grace at her absolute best. I think I pulled something, but because I was "cooling down", it'll be okay - but dang... I HURT!

What else is happening? Hmmmm I have a few projects I need to finish up tonight. A magazine called and wants 4 projects - by TOMMORROW. How kind. Don't get me wrong, I love the opportunity and the chance to keep my name published, but a little notice would be REALLY nice.

Off I go....

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