Bella Bling...

I'm so ready for Silver Bella to be here! It's such fun for me, and I return home with so much creative energy - it makes Steve nervous! Granted, I do have a few things still to do to get ready (packing, gathering supplies, and finishing up swaps mostly), but it's all in progress and close to being finished. My Twinchies are created, my charms are designed, the Junkin' Journal pages are ready to ship, and my vintage collection packets are awaiting labels. My wand is in progress, and is coming along quite nicely! My moo cards are on order, and should arrive sometime within the next week. The boxes I'll ship everything to myself in are ready and waiting to be filled and delivered to the courier for delivery to my hotel room (it's definitely cheaper than paying to check in luggage!).

With all the excitement, I thought it would be fun to have a Silver Bella Blog Swag Giveaway! I'm going to give a {who I think will be} lucky Bella one of my much complimented blingy crown soldered charms (now available in my etsy store - thanks for asking)! It's close to the same photo shared here, but has a little bit of a different crown.

To enter, simply leave a comment with what you're most looking forward to at Silver Bella! If you're a vendor, be sure to leave a link to your etsy or other site so we can all go check you out! 41 days and counting! The charm will be delivered to the winner at Silver Bella.
I will randomly select a winner on Sunday, October 12th around 6pm.

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