Bella Bling Winner... and other Rambling...

Lots of thoughts are rumbling around in my head. Today's post won't be anything organized or otherwise prepared... except for the Bella Bling Blog Swag winner of course...

  • Why is it, and perhaps it's just around the area where I live, that bicyclists think they don't need to stop at stop signs and that they are not held to the red traffic lights? Maybe it's just my irrational hormones, but good golly - stop at the freakin' signs. I asked Steve why it is (he was a bicyclist before his accident) and he said they should stop. But around here... they just don't.
  • There must be something going on, similar to Y2K or something, which is causing folks to make a mad dash to our local grocers and stock up on everything and anything. I tried to go grocery shopping three different times this weekend, and the shelves at various local grocery stores were empty. I can't figure it out!
  • The bean likes waking up at all hours of the night and keeping me up for the rest of the day. I think this is his way of preparing me of things to come. Great. We have about 8 weeks left and I'm already not getting my sleep. I think Benedryl and I are going to become fast friends for the next month or so (it's what my OB reccomended).
  • We had awesome fish tacos for dinner tonight. It was a new recipe/concept that I gleaned from Nicole's new mother-in-law while we were in California for her wedding. And... they were by far easier to make than the fish taco's I normally make. Rock on. I'm sold... and everyone else was happy too. Sweet!
  • I've started adding Quinoa to ground beef to up the nutritional value and stretch the grocery budget. No complaints so far, but whomever said you can't see it was blowing a load of malarkey out of his tush. It's obvious. It's a good thing college kids aren't picky - especially when it's free.
  • I have to get moving on the nursery. I can't believe I still haven't gotten the boxes moved out or at least gone through. What am I going to do with all of my year books, stack dolls, and other German "keepers" if I don't want to display them? I guess it really is time to get a "Later-chest" (also known as a "Hope Chest") to store them all in.
  • My lower extremities are holding water. It isn't pretty. If you saw me sitting at a table, you wouldn't know I was pregnant. Then... when I stand up it's a whole new world. My legs are trunky water tanks. Ugh!
  • One of the boys who live across the street from us was hit by a car sometime in the last week - and we didn't know. I found out when I caught up on the minutes from our last city council meeting. How sad. I really need to get to know my neighbors better.
  • My husband rocks. He cleaned the downstairs floors, bathroom, and kitchen for me Friday night. AND... he went to Wal-mart to pick up a few ingredients for a new chocolate chip cookie recipe (it rocked) too. He HATED Wal-Mart. It's equal to his Hell.
  • I'm counting the days until my "planned" maternity leave, and yes, I'm planning to go back after the Bean arrives.

Okie Doke... now onto the reason why I'm sure most of you are reading.... to find out who the winner of the Bella Bling Blog Swag prize is....

And.... I asked Steve to choose a number between 1 and 35. He yelled the number 22 from the other room... so....

gina g said...
Thanks for posting the pic! You are going to have to list some of these in your etsy store too!!!xoxo
6:40 AM

Gina G. You are the winner! Congratulations! I'll bring your charm with me to Silver Bella!

Thank you to everyone who entered! This was such fun! I may have to take a page out of Karla's book and do this every month! What a lovely idea!


princess lasertron said...

how many months are you!? I should really know this. I can't wait to see you at silver bella :) I always enjoy talking to you and I can't wait to see your big tummy. ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Heather, didn't you get the memo? I was to pick your name & you to pick mine! Ha-ha JK

You are the winner of my giveaway!! Yippee! :)

I know Gina is going to love the crown necklace that you made. xoxo, Joanna

gina g said...

oh my goodness!!! the only thing I ever won was a stuffed banana at a cake walk when I was in 2nd grade!!! (and that was a really long time ago!)

I won, I won, I won!!!
Thank you so much!!!
oh my goodenss!!!

~gina (a very happy winner!)

Sarah said...

Those were some bitchin' fish tacos. Thanks again for having us, as always. :) (And now you have my blog.)