It's a Sad Sad Day...

Today I received a hard phone call to listen to. Jeanie Jones, the owner of The Scrapbook Pad, called to let me know that at last night employee/teacher meeting, she had announced her decision to close The Scrapbook Pad. I know that this was not an easy decision for Jeanie to make and I'm sure it came with a significant amount of heartbreak.

The Scrapbook Pad has been my 'fun' job for most of the last 14 months. It's been the job I've loved to go to, the place I've loved to be, the place where I taught the classes I loved, the place where the people who most "got" me were, and the place (like Cheers) where everyone knew my name. Seriously. I loved that place!

My heart is heavy. I know that there is not any one thing which brought Jeanie to this decision. I'm positive it's a combination of many many things. For those of you who don't know Jeanie, she is a class act business woman who knows what she wants and what lengths she is willing to go to, to make things happen. She is business savvy, and is willing to spend the money that it takes to get the job done - and done the RIGHT way. I'm sure you know what I mean.

It was a joy to work with Jeanie, Katie, Cheryl, and the rest of The Pad family over the last while. I've been lucky to be the store's Events Coordinator, the Web Hostess, a Crop Hostess, a Teacher, a Customer and most of all... a friend. Boy how I loved being there! If it wasn't for my main job (ie the bill paying job) I would have been there every day all day - even if I didn't garner a pay check. That's how much I loved The Pad.

It's a sad day here in the DFW Metroplex - a sad, sad day.
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