Soldering Classes

I've received quite a few emails asking if I would continue to teach my soldering class each month, and if I would be willing to teach a more advanced class. After giving the subject a considerable amount of thought and in taking costs (and other items) into account I think I may be willing to continue teaching soldering classes. However, the soldering classes will likely be out of my home rather than in a store setting. The main reasoning behind this decision is tha there isn't a store local to me which carries the supplies or the tools we would be using in class.

What I'd like to know from those of you who are interested in taking either my introductory soldering class, or the more advanced classes, is what times are best for you? I think that Saturday afternoons would likely be the best overall but I'm willing to discuss other dates if enough students need me to.

Some of the techniques and projects we would cover in the intermediate and advanced classes may/can include:
  • Creating bubble charms
  • Creating double sided bubble charms
  • Creating 3d charms
  • Cutting glass

If you're interested in attending one of my soldering classes, please send me an email to let me know your thoughts and what day/time of the week would work best for you.


Amy Pennington said...

hey you! It was nice to see your comment the other day. I miss you! How are things going? I recently shut my blog down so email me sometime. I will check back with every now and again. My computer has been sucking lately so not much coming from me. See ya later

Maija said...

I wish I lived closer! It would be fun to take classes from you!