I love the paisley pattern. I REALLY love the paisley pattern. Recently, when reorganizing my patterned paper (from being all sorted by manufacturer to being mostly sorted by pattern) it became even more obvious. I have at least 2” of paisley patterned paper. WOW… I didn’t realize I was such an addict.

There’s a darling little girl at church whose name is Paisley. Ooooh, if only I can convince DH that we should name our future daughter Paisley. Hmmm Paisley Linette…. Paisley Lou… eww no. Paisley Anne? Hmmm there are plenty of options that we could use. Do you think she’d get teased with the Paisley Ales vs. Pale Ale similarity? I think way too much into these things. (Note: No, I’m not pregnant!)

Is it any wonder, that with this addiction that these dishes are calling my name? I really want to have the serving platter – how gorgeous would it be with my fall table settings? It would be fantastic for Thanksgiving, It would definitely look beautiful with scones piles onto it. The colors would go quite nicely with my kitchen decor and scheme. Don’t ‘cha think?
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