Holiday Happiness

I SO have the holiday bug.... I'm not referring to the ick I still have - I'm referring to the holiday urge to decorate and celebrate!

Years ago (when we lived in Berlin - before the wall fell, if I remember correctly) my mother purchased these little wooden people ornaments for our Christmas tree. I have always loved them, and have always looked forward to seeing them on my parents tree each year. Over the last few years, they haven't made their holiday appearance. As things often do as they age, they've started to fall apart and the time wasn't available to spend putting them back together.

Mom knew how much I loved them, and when she came to visit a few weeks ago, she brought me a delightful box full of little wooden people (and... tee hee hee a grundle of Dad's karaoke cd's to croon away with!). I knew that they'd need a little TLC, and this weekend their time arrived. A few of them have missing arms, a few need to have their paint touched up. The viking warrior's shield has chipping paint. Lady Liberty's flame is blowing upside down. The little devil needs his horns and ears glued back on - and the angels wings are askew. They've all seen much better years. But, I can't express to you how happy they make me.

They remind me of the happy Christmas's I've had with my family - of the incredible memories and fun times we've had. The hours we've sat around the piano singing together; how I enjoyed my fathers deep bass voice, my mothers beautiful harmonizing alto, my sister's sweet soprano, one brothers incredible tenor and the other's great bass - all partnered up with my soprano (or attempting alto). For me, music has always been an integral part of the Christmas season.

These ornaments remind me of the places we've lived, countries we've visited, people we've loved and served, happy memories that were created, and the REALLY tasty and yummy foods Mom made (ooooh talk about happy memories there).

As we get ready to celebrate the holiday season (I can't believe that Thanksgiving is RIGHT around the corner!), I'm going to make sure I take the time to journal all of the things I remember about holidays past - so that they're available for my holidays future. I want to make sure that the good times are around for a long time - just like these awesome wooden ornaments.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog entry, Heather! I have ornaments that bring back similar memories. When my parents were first married, they didn't have much money at all for decorations. They cut out Christmas magazine pictures and decoupaged them onto thin wood pieces and my dad used a jigsaw the cut them out. We still have those ornaments and they are some of my very favorites. I love things like that. That's why I refuse to have a "store window" tree. What kind of memories are there in uniform glass balls and tinsel?! I would much rather have mismatched ornaments...all with a story behind them!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're happy with them, Sweetpea. With all the moves they've been through, I'm not surprised they needed some TLC. I actually started collecting them in Bitburg and Geilenkirchen and added to them in Berlin and Wiesbaden, so some of them are 25 plus years old. Maybe this can be a "pass-a-long" in your family. Love you - Mom

Maija said...

Such wonderful memories you've created for and with your family. Tradition.
I've linked you on my blog so I can check in on a regular basis!