Magic of Christmas - a Collaborative Online Event

What is it about the incoming fall season that gets me into the mood to create? I get this yearning, deep within me, to just start making stuff. Maybe it's the relief from the Texas heat, or maybe it's the change in season, but I am LOVING it!  I've completed a few projects that I had already acquired the supplies and tools to make, and I've been working on morphing my creative space (aka my studio, creating room, creating station, scrap room, crap room... the list could go on and on!) into a guest room (for when the occasional occasion arises). Work spaces have been put on wheels, folks. Doors have been reattached to closets and - shut the barn door, I actually reorganized the closet in there into a more functioning area (meaning, I'm using more of the hidden, awkward space) than I was previously. Watch out because my room, is quite literally, mobile!!

Also, you may not have known it, but I have been busy behind the scenes helping create another online community! This time, it's for Terri Brush and her sweet new Terri Brush Academy! (I've worked with Terri for the last couple of years, setting up and facilitating her online classrooms. Occasionally, even helping with other needs as the need came up.) All of her online courses have officially been transitioned over to the new site, and things are looking pretty! I won't lie, it was a lot of work. But, I enjoyed it! There is a certain sense of accomplishment (dare I say pride?) to see something go from idea/concept to fruition - especially when it's for someone else. Things aren't perfect, but they are MUCH better than what they were. We'll keep working towards perfection. :)

Now that the Academy is up and running, Terri is getting ready to host her first (of what I think will be MANY!) online collaborative events. Her first foray into the the online event world is called "The Magic of Christmas" and she has been working with 7 deliciously creative collaborators. The projects are simply.... fabulous!

If you're into creating, and especially if you're into creating in your jammies in the comfort of your own home, check out Magic! 2 projects will begin being shared daily with event attendee's beginning November 1st. The last projects will be shared on November 8th. There are going to be 16 projects - color me happy! I love to create for various seasons and I'm pretty sure that this is going to be one of the most perfect ways to get me into the holiday spirit - just in time too!

For more information, or to register, visit us in the Academy!

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