Bringing Home Baby: What's in a Name? Part 2

When you find out you're having a baby, aside from dreaming about their gender, I normally start thinking about names.

Potential boy names...

Potential girl name...

There are always debates among those whose opinions matter (and those whose don't) as to what we should name our next child. There's even polls and voting that takes place. This time, it was on our chalkboard wall. Lots of entertainment for sure.

The most popular, funny, choice would be to have named our daughter Ginger Ales or our son Stout Ales.

Har de Har Har. Not. :)

Clearly, we would not have chosen either option.

How we came to name our daughter Charleigh Marie was really a round about process.

I've always liked the name Charly, Charley or Charlie for a girl. Growing up, I read Charly by Jack Weyland more times than I can remember. I loved that such a strong girl had a boys name. When I started dating my husband, I learned that his father and grandfather both shared the name Charles or Charlie. I remembered thinking it was pretty cool that they shared the same name as one of my favorite teen books.

I used to love going through family history charts looking for unusual but cool names and I've always thought it neat to give our children a family name. As you may know, Freddy is named after Steve's maternal grandfather. Even after going through my family tree's and looking at names, I still could not get the name Charlie out of my mind.

Charlie though, isn't very feminine. I've heard stories of girls who had definite boy names, and them being put onto boys sports teams (despite being registered as a girl), because their name is "boyish" and the organizers thinking that a mistake was made on the paperwork.

I didn't want that to happen to our daughter, and so the search began on how to spell her name. There was Charley, Charlee, Charli, and Charleigh. Though they are all lovely, I really liked Charleigh.

Choosing her middle name though, was quite the task.

Initially, her middle name was going to either be Annette, Ann, or Annabella. Many of the women on both sides of our family have the name "Ann" in their names and it would have been a lovely way to honor them. However, I wasn't 100% confident in any of them and something wasn't sitting completely right with me about it. Clearly, it wasn't sitting with quite a few people because we received more negative feedback about her middle name than anything else I've.

So, Steve and I decided that we weren't going to share what her middle name was definitely going to be, until she was born.

One day, in a conversation with someone I love and wholeheartedly admire, the name of Marie was suggested. My mothers name is Mary Lou, and quite honestly I would NEVER ever name my child Mary or Lou. However, we could totally do Marie, have it be a nod to my mother, and give us an opportunity to honor her.  Steve and I both kept it to ourselves, because... really... we didn't care what anyone's opinions about it were at that point. It was going to be her middle name.

And, so that's how we chose to name her Charleigh Marie.

I love her name, and it really does fit her well. I can't wait to see how it fits her as she grows up!

Bringing Home Baby: Finishing up the Nursery

Many of you have asked to see the final photos of Charleigh's nursery. I'd love to say that it's done, and that everything is exactly how I want it. But, alas... it's not! :) I have few small projects I want to finish - that is between her cat naps, loving on Fred, attempting to keep our home clean, cooking dinner, and keeping up with laundry - so these are not the final, finished photos. And, they've been taken with my cell phone, so they are not of the best quality. And, I'm missing a wall (that has a few handmade gifts displayed on it!) However, it gives you an idea of how her room will look!

Nursery Wall 1

I'm not sure she's going to have enough hair bows, flowers, and/or headbands. 

Nursery Wall 2

There's another shot of the quilt I made for her room. The white blanket was crocheted by my mother years ago (and I mean YEARS ago!). I really like how the doily banner and butterfly garland turn out.  It's simple, and it really does look cute in here! Eventually, the framed flower prints will be replaced with framed newborn photos.

Nursery Wall 3

Her changing table/dresser. On the list of things to be finished is a runner for her dresser and to cover the lampshade (both in fabrics that match the quilt I made her). I also have a small pennant banner to hang across the mirror.

Oh the clothes! It is SO MUCH more fun to dress a girl! At this point I didn't remove the tags from any of her new clothes because we didn't know how big she was going to be. Fred never did wear newborn clothes - he went right into 0-3 month sized attire. Little did we know, that although she weighed in one ounce heavier, and a quarter of an inch shorter, she wears newborn sized items - for now.

Hopefully, in the next few days, I'll have a chance to finish up the last of the projects and take better photographs with my camera. :)

Bringing Home Baby: She's Here!

It's true! She is here! We couldn't be happier and Fred couldn't be more excited! He loves to introduce our friends (and even more strangers!) to his "new, wittle, baby sister." It is so fun to see his excitement. We're still adjusting to being a family of 4, but we're also as happy as we can be!

(This is a mockup of Charleigh's baby announcement. The official ones will be ready for final formatting and will be sent off for printing sometime tomorrow.)

These gorgeous photos were taken by Creative Photography by Amanda

Glitter Market!

Every year, a fun and inspiring event is hostessed in Oklahoma City by Cindy Winters of the fabulous Paper Crown fame called Glitter Market. If you're lucky, you might catch it twice a year, but most definitely at least once a year in the late fall.

This year's Glitter Market will be held on Saturday, October 27th, in the former Store It In Style location which is just seven doors down from Paper Crown. It is a one day event from 10am-5pm. (Be forewarned, there are eager ladies and shoppers in line at 7am!)

Last year, I really enjoyed being a vendor. I was surrounded by some of my most favorite creative people, and honored to be vending among them.

This year, due to several things but mostly due to our families newest arrival, I won't be vending. I had high hopes that I'd be able to pull it off, but alas it didn't happen.

However, just because I'm not vending doesn't mean I intend to miss out on the fun! I'm still planning to make the drive up to OKC because I've got it on good authority that some of my favorite people will be vending again this year. I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to make it (that is, if Charleigh can handle the drive!), because it would hurt my heart (to use a Freddy description) to miss out on it entirely.

Some of this years vendors include:

Charlotte Perez
Jackie Peters (Oklahoma Cities Premier Paper Artist!!)

If you have the weekend of the 27th free, I highly suggest you take a drive up to Oklahoma City and visit the gals at Glitter Market. My biggest suggestion is to spend all of your secret stash cash with the girls who are vending and then all of grocery budget over at Paper Crown. (At least, that's what I intend to do!)