Bringing Home Baby: Finishing up the Nursery

Many of you have asked to see the final photos of Charleigh's nursery. I'd love to say that it's done, and that everything is exactly how I want it. But, alas... it's not! :) I have few small projects I want to finish - that is between her cat naps, loving on Fred, attempting to keep our home clean, cooking dinner, and keeping up with laundry - so these are not the final, finished photos. And, they've been taken with my cell phone, so they are not of the best quality. And, I'm missing a wall (that has a few handmade gifts displayed on it!) However, it gives you an idea of how her room will look!

Nursery Wall 1

I'm not sure she's going to have enough hair bows, flowers, and/or headbands. 

Nursery Wall 2

There's another shot of the quilt I made for her room. The white blanket was crocheted by my mother years ago (and I mean YEARS ago!). I really like how the doily banner and butterfly garland turn out.  It's simple, and it really does look cute in here! Eventually, the framed flower prints will be replaced with framed newborn photos.

Nursery Wall 3

Her changing table/dresser. On the list of things to be finished is a runner for her dresser and to cover the lampshade (both in fabrics that match the quilt I made her). I also have a small pennant banner to hang across the mirror.

Oh the clothes! It is SO MUCH more fun to dress a girl! At this point I didn't remove the tags from any of her new clothes because we didn't know how big she was going to be. Fred never did wear newborn clothes - he went right into 0-3 month sized attire. Little did we know, that although she weighed in one ounce heavier, and a quarter of an inch shorter, she wears newborn sized items - for now.

Hopefully, in the next few days, I'll have a chance to finish up the last of the projects and take better photographs with my camera. :)

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