Bringing Home Baby: A Girl!

I'm still having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that our baby is a girl.


Really, I expected the news to be that we were having a boy. To be quite honest, I was 100% okay with it (and I still am!). I'm just happy that we're having another baby and that everything is going "right" rather than having any challenges or issues arise.

Anyway, I've been told (repeatedly!) that it's a girl. So, as I began preparing for her arrival (and continue to do so!), I started thinking about nurseries, checking them out on Pinterest, and on various other sites. I know I want something that is feminine, but not something that is screaming "girlie"... if that makes any sense. I am trying to design a room that will do well as a nursery, but that can easily transition into toddler and little girl.

I've had a LOT of questions as to what colors we're doing her room in. Here's a peek into the fabrics I've purchased for her bedding:

The fabric is "hello luscious" which was designed by basicgrey  for moda.  I love the blues and greens with accents of pink. Her room will also have a bit of yellow included in accents and probably the wall color, but I'm having a hard time selecting the "right" yellow. (I don't like either yellow that is included in the fabric line - at least not as a wall color). The colors are just SO me right now. I love them! (Not that you could tell that already, by the color scheme of my blog!)

I'm excited to get going on her quilt, bedding, and decor. It'll be the first quilt I've made in ages. I don't think I've made one since my freshman year of college. Yikes! I'm planning to find someone to actually quilt the quilt for me. I need to get moving on finding someone to do that part, too.

All of her furniture will be black so that it's interchangeable with the other bedroom (and most of our house) furniture. We've got two pieces that need to be refinished, and her convertible crib has been selected (but not purchased yet). I've got art designed (at least in my head), and various bits and bobs to get hung onto the walls of her room.

If only having it all in my head, on paper, or blogged, would get it accomplished!

I've only got 80 days until we're expecting her to arrive. YIKES! We need to get the paint colors picked pronto so that everything else can be done.

Question for you:  What's something you wish you had when you brought your baby home, and what's something that you did have, but realized you totally didn't need?


Paper Crown said...

Check out Sherman Williams "Old Locket" yellow. I have used it and still love it 8 yrs later.

Carolyn Peeler said...

Those fabrics look really pretty Heather. Congrats - here's praying you have a smooth delivery and that little one arrives healthy and safely.

andrea@mommy confessions blog said...

I love the fabric. I can tell you that the one thing that I wish I had had with the first 2 but I later got with Paisley was the Moby wrap. I later got with Declan was the Beco carrier. I LOVE IT. I still use it was a back pack for the younger two. I love to carry my kids from a newborn...I think both of them are well worth the money and I wish I would have spent the money when Evan was born instead of buying the cheap ones. I would have bought both of them OVER AGAIN. I love them that much. The item that I never owned but I think is a big waste of money is a diaper warmer REALLY COME ON who needs warm wipes unless you live at the North Pole.
I am so excited for you. I can't wait to one day I get to meet your little ones...