So Very Blessed...

I am so lucky to have married such an incredible man - who is the most amazing father to our son. I shouldn't call it luck - it is a blessing. Truly. Straight from God above.
I should celebrate him and his awesomeness more, but I don't. However, since it is Father's Day, I want to share the answers Freddy gave me when I asked him about his Daddy
What is something Dad always says to you?
F: Uh... Go to time out.

What makes Dad happy?
F: Looking at the sky and the stars.

What makes Dad sad?
F: The rain

How does Dad make you laugh?
F: He tickles me.

How old is Dad?
F: 5!

How tall is Dad?
F: Like the sun! The sun!

What is Dad's favorite thing to do?
F: Swim. Or, go on walks. Or color Star Wars pictures.

What is Dad really good at?
F: Going pee pee on the potty and sharing his ice cream with me.

What is Dad not very good at?
F: Going poo poo on the potty!

What is Dad's favorite food?
F: Broccoli and your chocolate

What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?
F: Ride in the boy truck

What do you and Dad do together?
F: Hide with him

How are you and Dad the same:
F: We both have ... male parts. (It should be noted that he used the correct word for their genitalia. I, however, don't want to publish that on my blog!)

How are you and Dad different?
F: He is BIG! I am small!

How do you know Dad loves you?
F: He tells me!

Where is Dad's favorite place to go?
F: Swimming lessons. And, the splash pad. Can we go to the park now?


jackie said...

How cute is your question and answer with Mr. Fred....Don't you just love the innocence of children....
Hope your doing well and about to have that little one soon............let us know when it you

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