Snot... No! Really! Snot!

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What is it with kids and snot?

I'm talking boogers, not attitude.

It's GORGEOUS outside (that was this morning!!).  No really!

There was a slight breeze which is made the morning heat bearable (dare I say.... enjoyable?)

And yet... there my beautiful, gorgeous, little hunk of a man is.

With boogers dripping down his face. Talk about gorgeous.


I quickly realized that I'd forgotten to give him his morning allergy medication.

Yep, he takes it every morning. (right along with his chewable dinosaur vitamins. He growls for them too!)

One more YAY! for living in North Texas. 

Allergies are such fun. Aren't they?!.

Fortunately, Claritin for kids makes it work. No really, Little Man even notices it.

I'll ask him if he needs help with his nose, and he'll respond with .... "Yes Mommy. No Care-tin. Take Care-tin now peas."

He takes his dosage, and about 30 minutes later we're good to go.

Claritin shared this great guide for Mom's who are dealing with kids and allergies.

Here's to hoping you don't need (or have) to deal with snot!!

For more tips on relieving allergies, visit I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

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