Favorite Things, Day 2: Cheese!

During the month of December, I am setting a goal to post each day with one of my favorite somethings. It could be a favorite food, a favorite thing, a favorite person, a favorite blog, a favorite handmade thing, a favorite place... really a favorite any and everything!  Join me as I review my favorites during December 2010! I'd love to read about your favorites too!

It's true. Cheese is my "thing". My go-to when I'm down, when I'm happy, when I'm in a celebratory mood, or pretty much any time. It's one of the things my in-laws comment on when they come to visit - the amount of, and selection of cheeses in my fridge.

I'm pretty sure that I could live on cheese alone.

And for a VERY long time.

I love a good grilled cheese (I can't decide if my favorite combination is fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes on sour dough bread or if it's a good aged Irish Cheddar on a good artisan bread. They're both delicious!)

I love a good cheese fondue.

Thanks to someone who may (or may not) remain anonymous, I now have a love (make that incessant need to eat) triple cream Brie.  Prior to enjoying it with them, I thought the mold was gross.

I love eating cheese with crackers, with a good quality salami, or just by itself.

Do you know what a cheeseball is? Someone (who is also the anonymous person above) didn't know what one was. I love them too and especially around the holidays. Do you have a favorite cheeseball or cheeseball recipe?

I love cheese stuffed into things it shouldn't be stuffed into.

I love a good mac and cheese. Thanks to Bobby Flay, I've been craving Lobster Mac & Cheese. (The winning recipe used marscapone cheese in their sauce - hello YUMMY!)

For my Thanksgiving guests, I made the awesome Apricot Brie Tarts that were recently shared over on the Brave Girl blog. I cannot confirm or deny that most of them were consumed by the chef.

And really, I'm okay with that. She deserved them! (P.S. they were DELICIOUS!!)

P.S. One thing I don't love about cheese. The side effects. You know what I'm talking about. 

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jackie said...

You are so stinking funny! I love the cheese post.
I will be in the front chair tomorrow in your class at the PC......see you then!