Favorite Things, Day 1: French General Jewelery Kits

During the month of December, I am setting a goal to post each day with one of my favorite somethings. It could be a favorite food, a favorite thing, a favorite person, a favorite blog, a favorite handmade thing, a favorite place... really a favorite any and everything!  Join me as I review my favorites during December 2010! I'd love to read about your favorites too!

Over the last few weeks, as I've been recuperating resting from the fun and good times of Silver Bella 2010, I've made an effort to carve out a wee bit of creative time for myself.

I don't know about you, but I know that for me, creative time is what de-stresses me and brings me back to my Happy Place. (Do you have a happy place too?)

I don't often have a grundle of time available, that would allow me to design a project and complete it in one sitting. As such, I love creating using kits, or other "pre-packaged" supplies. They make my life easy, and in the end I feel like I've accomplished something. Even if I didn't have anything to do with the design of the project or piece I basically just assembled.

The amazing kits from Kaari Meng, and her team at French General, always ALWAYS put me into my Happy Place. Each of the jewelry kits I've purchased, has included everything necessary or needed (with the exception of a few basic tools and handy jewelry adhesive) to complete a beautiful piece within a small time period. The quality of the supplies provided are as good as you can get, and knowing that several of the bits included are custom created, or French, or even incredibly vintage (as in from the 1800's!!), makes my heart smile.Each time I wear one of the pieces I've put together, compliments are shared.

There is much more to French General, than just jewelry and kits. Kaari has authored 5 books and has contributed to several more, has an incredible fabric line with Moda, and so much more! Kaari  travels to the south of France with groups of women to participate in a Chateau Getaway.

Check out the jewelry kits at French General. Something tells me, that you'll be glad you did!

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