Creating Here and There…

Lately, I’ve been slammed with projects. Most of them have been SUCH fun and a great creative release. Some of the projects are idealized things I’ve inflicted upon myself (really – why did i decide to go through the bins of clothes to separate and organize them when I have several mountains of laundry that should have been worked on instead?)  Maybe, they’re all just different types of “creating”. You think?

I participated in Wendy’s International Tag Swap. I had the country of Russia (wanted Germany but Wanda got it first – dagnabbit!), and all i could think of was my stack dolls and the amazing architecture of Moscow. I remember Russia being very into wood, and wood burning. SO, I created tags out of thin wood veneer, burned an outline of stack dolls into it and then painted each one. Good grief, that was a ridiculous amount of work, but they turned out absolutely gorgeous! So out of the box, but fitting for the swap. I am looking forward to seeing the end result for sure.

I am participating in two swaps at A Gilded Life’s next event, The Gilded Nest. One of the swaps is making a flea market bag for another participant. The other is to put together a collection of jewelry pieces, findings, and other items for another participant. I’ve got the pieces cut out for the bag, and most of the items acquired for my jewelry swap. Now just to finish them up.

Of course, then there are the Silver Bella swaps. Oh my. This year, I am again, hostessing our community and overseeing the swap organizational flow. The swaps that we’re offering this year are off the hook. I’m talking amazing! So many different ideas flowing through that group. I tell you – they amaze me! This year, I’m only participating in three swaps – this ought to be a new thing for me! I can’t wait to get going on them!


T. said...

Ohhhhh - I hope you took pics of the Russia tags before you swapped them. You know I've got a soft spot for Russia & all things Russian. :-) Would love to see what you came up with b/c it sounds spot-on!

Robin Thomas said...

Looking SO forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Eeeeeeek!