Still Rambling....

I have at least a dozen posts half written and waiting for fine tuning (whether it be photos, movies, or just finessing) yet I don't put anything out there quickly.

I'm lame!

Oh well. I am what I am! KWIM?

I've been in my studio over the last few days being ruthless in destashing. I have so much I've never used, have just barely used, or will (more than likely) never use again, just hanging out taking up space.

I decided that I needed to just let it go. Let the cost of what I spent acquiring it (or the wages I was compensated with product in) go. So, I have 9 or 10 boxes that will be delivered to our local goodwill (not really Goodwill, but a like charity store) and my studio will be mine again.

All mine.

I can't wait.

Of course there are a few things that I just couldn't let go. I just couldn't. But, I'm offering them here just in case some of you might be interested in adding them to your craft arsenal.

You might have noticed the new page headers just under my blog label. Yep - they're new. I started creating them because in the very near future my blog will have total face lift - I can't wait! It'll be fabulous!

Anyway, there's one there that says Blog Destash Sale. As I find things, I'll post them there. No pressure, no worries. If you want any of it - great! If not - great!

In other things... Fred made me so 'over the moon and stars' happy today. He danced! I mean the booty shaking, waist twisting, arm swinging get down and groove dancing! How very pleased it makes me! I've danced with him since the day he came home and wondered if he'd ever dance back with me. Really dance. Not just the shuffle dance. And he DID! He really really did! I tried to record it so that I could prove it to Steve-o, but I was too late to the camera. I did manage to get a very very quick groove out of him, but not much. Oh how happy I am! (silly isn't it that the tiniest thing made me so very happy!) Happy Mothers Day to me!

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