Non-Consumerism: Days 2 - 5

Rightie-O... today is day 5. 

I had no problems whatsoever with urges to be a consumer today. Granted it's Sunday, and I don't shop on Sundays unless there's an emergency, or a major need. But, still, no urge! YAY!!

However, days 2 - 4... they were a bit harder. I haven't had any overwhelming urges to raid the vending machines at work. I haven't fallen off the wagon to buy lunch... or dinner. I've managed to actually cook dinner, have it ready after work, AND before Steve has to leave for work (he works nights). 

I did do a bit of grocery shopping and I was a bit more thoughtful about things I needed versus things I wanted. I did pick up a few wants, but definitely not as much as I might have normally purchased. 

All in all, I'm chalking this week up to a huge success. I even found some time to work in my studio creating, clearing a few things out and even organizing too. Yay me! If only I could dedicate a full day to clearing things out and organizing - that would be a HUGELY amazing feat! Of epic proportions even!!!

The coming week will add a new challenge for me. It looks like I'll be traveling to Portland, Oregon with Fred, to visit with Sheri and her family. I know there will be things I'll want, and there will be things I "have" to have. I'm not going to tell myself "NO" but I will give the items I purchase a significant amount of thought.

Wish me luck!


Earlene said...

I am wishing you Lots of Luck in Portland. really think about your purchases. So far--So good.

My daughter works in Portland and lives in Washougal, WA. She has just started some Stamping Classes with a SU Lady Barb from Vancouver.

I wish you The Very Best of Luck this month.


Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

GOOD FOR YOU, girl! I am with you... if I'm going to SB again and with a car payment once again.. this is how life will HAVE to be. Hope your trip was great!
Blessings & Hugs,