What's Cookin?

Each week, I try to plan out our weekly dinner and lunch meals at the beginning of the week so that I get all of the grocery shopping done in one big swoop. With the bean (soon to be) coming, I really want to make sure we have everything ready and prepared (at least as much as possible) to make our transition a bit easier. I have tried to share our menu plans in the past (to keep myself accountable, and so that I can check out the post from work to remind myself what we're eating), and I'm going to try and get back into that habit.

I'll try to share the recipes on my cooking blog, so that if any of our meals sound tasty to you, you have quick access to them. I think it's important that you realize I am a cook once, serve multiple times kind of girl. My food saver is a great asset to me, and to my cooking. Most recipes are not made for just two mouths, and I don't (normally) like eating the same thing day after day as leftovers. So, I freeze a LOT of food. This also has helped me get our freezer loaded with meals so that once the bean arrives I don't stress over what we're having for dinner, or grocery budgets. (Note to self, I really need to get into the freezer and do an inventory so that nothing gets wasted). I also cook things one time, that I know we'll use later (like meatballs, ground beef, grilled chicken, turkey broth, etc) and that I can toss into another meal.

Here's the plan for this week:

Sunday - Thanksgiving Casserole (one to eat, one to freeze) and Cranberry Crumble. (I'm also making Egg Nog cookies to stock up on dough, and to take to work too).
Monday - Jambalaya (Freezer stash)
Tuesday - Burgers and Fries (Freezer stash)
Wednesday - Ravioli (Costco) and Spaghetti Sauce (Freezer Stash)
Thursday - Pizza (It's Grey's Anatomy night - gotta have pizza!)
Friday - Thai Chicken & White Rice (one meal to eat, two to freeze)
Saturday - Free Night (either I'll pull something from the freezer, or we'll go out)


Maija said...

You are a rocking planner!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

I want the Egg Nog cookie recipe!!! (Thanks for sharing the casserole and crumble recipe!! MMMMmmm!
We might have to do a a recipe swap with all of us.. I need some new recipes!
Pop on over to my blog... I gave you a little something... just passin' the love along... ;)