Thanksgiving Casserole

This is an easy meal for me to make, freeze, and use up our holiday leftovers. Some would call it a Thanksgiving Shepherds Pie, but with the stuffing added in, it's more like a casserole to me.


  • 3 C. Stuffing
  • 2 C. Turkey, chopped
  • 2 C. Mixed Vegetables (I used grated carrots, peas, and corn)
  • 1 1/4 C. Gravy (if you don't have any leftover gravy, you can also use a can of cream o' whatever with enough water to make up the difference)
  • 2 C. Mashed Potatoes, warmed up (to make them easier to smooth out)
  • Cheddar Cheese, grated


In a 9x13" casserole dish, layer the stuffing, turkey, vegetables, gravy, and then mashed potato's. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over the top and bake at 350 until bubbly and cheese is golden brown.  Serve and Enjoy!

I split this into two 9" square Pyrex dishes, one of which is lined in foil. I freeze the foil lined one, and then bake the other. After the lined one has been freezing for a day or so, I put it into a food saver pouch, vacuum seal it, and put it back into the freezer. When I'm ready to bake it later, I'll put it back into a 9" dish (with the foil) let it thaw (or not) and then bake it. 

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