Creating and Soldering....

With all the fun we've been having in my soldering classes, I've had the soldering bug - BIG time! Oh and what a joy it's been too!

Silver Bella 2008 is right around the corner! My contribution to the swaps I'm in have been designed and a few are even done! They're awaiting their special day at the Post Office and I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of the end result! I'm sure all of the swaps will be beyond incredible. And... of course, I had to find a soldered charm swap. So, I'm hostessing one! Yay! I really can't wait to see everyone's charms in all of their royal splendor!

Last year, I created Silver Bella 2007 charms for my roomies, and a few special Bella girl friends. This year, it went just a tidge farther, and I've licensed the logo and name from the fabulous Teresa, and am now selling special Silver Bella 2008 commemorative charms. Can you believe it? I've had such fun creating them, and getting the back design "just so". They're up and listed in my etsy store! YAY!

I have scads of creative projects to share with you! However, they'll have to wait until after the weekend. Steve's sister, Nicole, is marrying her beau so we're heading west to Northern California to join in the festivities.

On the baby front, things are well! I'm huge! I'll be uploading our sonogram photos to our family site, with the latest updates.

Make it a great day!


Anonymous said...

Heather the SB charms look great! You did a great job. I bet you will sell a bunch of them. I sure wish I had known about SB soon enough to have saved my CASH for this. I WANT TO GO NEXT YEAR!

I can't wait for the next soldering class/workshop. Can we go to the bead store you keep telling us about on our dinner break?

I finally got my BLOG started. Please go & check it out.

Valita said...

They are aweosme Heather! I want a charm. How do I order it and get the free delivery?

Maija said...

And will you be soldering in your room the night before the swaps?!?!