Sparkly Fun

So much sparkly fun has been happening lately. First, I had a great time participating in Amanda's Diamonds and Pearls charm swap. I can't wait to see what the other participants came up with! With 12 different players, there's sure to be lots of different interpretations of the theme.

Second, I've been eyeing and checking out the charms I received last year during the swaps at Silver Bella. So many creative artists, and all with different interpretations of the same theme. From jars of bella dust, to tiny bits of soldered goodness, to gems and sparkle galore. I still have yet to find a way to display them, so they remain together on a sturdy chain.

After last years Silver Bella event, and after seeing some of the amazing soldering work from other Bellas, I knew that without a doubt I wanted to take soldering classes from the soldering master, Sally Jean Alexander. February came and that goal was accomplished! While the act of soldering may be simple, it's the various techniques that I wanted - and boy did I get them. Her class was everything I wanted to learn and so much more!

So, when talk came around to this years Silver Bella event, I was already in awe with the instructors that had been announced - Jenny Bowlin, Rebecca Sower, Kim Kwan, Carolyn Peeler, Charlotte Lyons, Pam Garrison, and of course, Teresa McFayden too. Imagine my surprise and pure thrill when Teresa announced the end of the Silver Bella instructor lineup that we all learned that Sally Jean Alexander would be joining the Prima Bella's this year. I knew that without a doubt, I was going to do everything I could to be there!

I had the hardest time narrowing down my class selections to 5. Somehow I managed to get that figured out and then the time came to register. There was no way I was moving away from the computer and was going to do everything within my power to get into my top classes. The stars must have been aligned and working in my favor because I did get in, and in the classes I had narrowed down to. I wish I could attend all of the classes as each of the Prima Bellas are amazing artists and their classes look over the moon fabulous.

My OB-GYN has given the okie doke for me to travel, and this will be the last time I travel before our Baby Bean arrives. I am SO looking foward to this fun glittery, sparkly, and creative weekend!

Our family blog has been updated with the latest Bean information and details!


Maija said...

I am going to miss your sweet pregnant body!

Jessi Nagy said...

hey doll,
can't wait to seee ya again!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll see you there, chickie! You'll know me because I'll be the one screaming, "There she is, look how beautiful she looks all knocked up!"

tee hee!