Lately, one of my big goals is to have a 'regular' schedule. From my time at work, to time spent working out, to our home meal schedules, budget schedules, cleaning schedules, church schedules - so many different schedules! I've had a really hard time balancing all of the various schedules and getting my highest priorities squared away before the not-s0-high priorities take over my time.

One of the things a friend recommended to me was setting a food menu at the beginning of the week, so that we have a schedule to follow for our meals all week long. Generally, we do pretty well at sticking to the schedule and not breaking it by eating out (talk about a budget buster!). One of the things I think will help keep me on our meal schedule is posting here - something about accountability. So... here's our meal schedule for the week!

Sunday - Swiss steak with egg noodles and wheat bread. Coconut creme pie for dessert.
Monday - Beef brisket & hash brown casserole (will add 2 freezer meals to our stash!)
Tuesday - Steak, baked potatoes, green salad.
Wednesday - Sandwiches (one of my all-time favorite meals lately!!)
Thursday - Jambalaya (will add 4-6 freezer meals to our stash!)
Friday - Chicken & cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and homemade Beste bread.
Saturday - Breakfast fritatta (sausage, potato and spinach) & Kung pao chicken with steamed rice. (the chicken is for dinner)

Hopefully, with this down and publically out there, we'll do even better at following it. Slowly, I'm getting life back together one schedule at a time.


Anonymous said...

So you say you are adding some of that food to the freezer stash, but what if one of us drops by? I mean that food scedule looks quite delicatable!

Julie B.
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~Jamie said...

can we get some recipes up in here? LOL