Converting to Mac...

I've been wanting a laptop of my own for quite a while. Friday night I played with my very own cute little Mac laptop. It's so dainty and thin compared to the other laptop we have here at home - I'm worried that I'll drop and break it! I suppose that's great practice for our [hopefully] dainty baby.

Converting to a Mac from a PC is not easy. Heather taught me a few things and gave me a quick run down. I know that the Apple store has free classes (and I'm hoping to take them) but I am normally an immediate solution kind of girl. Waiting for classes is not my idea of immediate solution. Know what I mean.

I know some of you have gone through the same thing. Will you please share your tips for converting to a Mac from a PC? Please?



Joy Tracey said...

Just went through this myself. Google anything you want to know and I guarantee you some Mac geeks have not only figured it out but have posted it on the internet. The biggest thing I learned was to buy iWork for like $70-80 and then download for free an app that allows me to export my document and save it in a Word format (found out how to do this by googling). That means I can take someone's Word document they send me, change it up using the "pages" program on iWork and then export it as a word document, thus saving myself hundreds of dollars since I now do not have to purchase Word for Macs. John Hedgcoe has a Mac Leopard OSX book with quick and dirty answers to basic operating system questions also - it's great. My best advice would be to go to Barnes and Noble, pick out a bunch of Mac help books, get seated in a comfy chair, possibly with a notebook, take notes on what you want to know and buy the one book that looks like it can answer the most questions in a way you understand. The Mac is awesome and you will love how quickly it does everything - no more virus scans or threats - Woo Hoo! Have fun!

~Jamie said...

oh I so want a mac! hehe but teh techno-insane husband would NEVER let it fly! Happy Mac to you!

Kathi said...

If you need any help, email me. I'd be happy to help.

I've been using Macs since 1986 and would never use anything else (at home).

You really ought to take a class or two at the Mac store but it's likely you'll be able to teach yourself most everything you need to know by just experimenting and playing.