My Etsy store will soon be loaded to the brim with all kinds of hand made and de-stashing goodness. I'm in the process now of reorganizing my studio and setting limits for myself. Determining what to keep and what to let go is difficult! I'm finding that I would prefer to not be so judicious and keep it all. However, by doing so I would not only continue to overwhelm myself with options, but would also burden myself (oh what a hard life, right) with the challenge of keeping it all organized.

I've come to the realization that boundries and limits are good for me. Growing up, limits were the line that I would begin to stretch and push. Stretching my limits has only caused my creativity to be diminished but has also caused me to be overwhelmed.

Not only will I be listing a few of the items from my studio stash, but I will also sell the remaining kits from my classes. A few of you have asked if I would create or have extra kits available - this will be your chance!

And, as those local to me have requested, I will be selling some of the charms you've seen displayed. You'll also be able to find them at two different shoppes locally. The designs that each store will carry will be exclusive to them, but will carry the 'Something Splendid' name - cool, eh?

I'll post again when everything has been loaded and is ready.

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