It's Christmas Cookie Swap with Scrappi Jessi Day!

Linzer Torte Cookies
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Oh you're in for a fun and tasty treat today! Scrappi Jessi ( has gathered some of her blogging sisters together and we've all shared some of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes with you. This time, I'm sharing my Linzer Torte Cookie recipe. It's a buttery sugar cookie sandwich filled with a raspberry preserve filling and then lightly dusted with the finest powdered sugar you can find. I posted the recipe onto my cooking blog ( I hope you'll love it as much as we do!

I think my all time favorite, easy Christmas recipe is the fabulous 1-2-3 Pretzels. I get more compliments on them, and more requests for that recipe during Christmas than almost anything else! The Beste Christmas Cherry Bread is the #1 requested recipe, followed by the Ales Christmas Berry Braid Bread recipe. I'm thinking about sharing those recipes with you this year, but it will be for a limited time. I can't let all of our family cooking secrets out of the bag you know!

Enjoy the Cookies!


Jessi Nagy said...

yummers! miss heather! those are gorgeous!!!
thanks for coming to my party!
jessi nagy

Monica said...

ooh thanks for sharing they look delish!
I make some easy pretzels too with melted kisses and m&ms .

Junie Moon said...

I came over here from Jessi's Cookie Recipe Swap party to share in the delectable cookie sharing. Your cookies sound so delicious so I'm going to pop over to your other site for the recipe. The pretzels and the other items you mention sound fantastic, too.

mendytexas said...

Hey Heather! Your cookies look great! Hope all is great with you...hugs, Mendy

Jeanne said...

These look quite delicious!

Kristy said...

We made the 1-2-3 pretzels and they are delightful! My mom took a plate to work today and everyone loved them.

Thanks for the easy, fun, and kid-friendly recipe!

Jill said...

Can't wait to see you at the "Celebration of Traditions" tomorrow!

Leslie said...

Yumm-o! Do you know how many points are in these cookies? Sound and look wonderful.

Oh, and I hope your Willow Tree dream comes true.

Merry Christmas!