It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

2005 Christmas Tree
2005 Christmas Tree,
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Me oh my... I am SO ready to get my Christmas decorating groove on! Seriously! I can't believe I've waited this long. Of course, that's just another reason to leave it all up until my birthday in January (though it annoys Steve-o!). Since Silver Bella, I've been dreaming up and thinking of all kinds of fun new decorations, or different ways to decorate this year. It'll be our first Christmas in this house,and oh so much more room to decorate! The kids think I'm nuts because we're having multiple trees this year (granted, they're not all full, huge sized). I am SO ready to decorate our house or, as Thomas says I "make it look like Christmas has thrown up". Seriously? Nice, dude, real nice. :)

On December 4th, I'll be participating in Scrappi Jessi's Christmas Cookie Blog Swap - so be sure to stop by and enjoy the yummy goodness as we make our way across the internet world to see each others fun and tasty Christmas Treats!

Then, on December 12th, I'm participating in Karla's "What do you love about your holiday home" Blog tour! Each of the participants will share their holiday home decorations! I've told Steven that I absolutely must have a wall up and dry so that I can decorate that part of the house.

Oh the holidays are HERE! Christmas music is going in the car, on my iPod and on the stereo when I'm at home. YAY!

What's your favorite holiday decoration?

2 comments: said...

My husband says that about our house, Christmas throws up all over it!!

Let me know which ones of those earrings you meant, and send your address and I'll get them in the mail for you to wear for the holidays.

Can't wait to see your Bella inspired decor, there were so many great ideas there.

Trinka said...

What a cool idea about a blog tour...I am in two cookie swaps this year and love the different kinds of treats I get. Happy Holidays to you and your family.