Christmas Traditions

Willow Tree Full Nativity
Willow Tree Full Nativity,
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Dear Steven (Husband, etc),

Tradition... Tradition! (think Fiddler on the Roof)

As we work to create family traditions that will take us through the many years of our marriage, I would be thrilled to pieces if this could be one of them. I love the Willow Tree Nativity Scene. They fit right into my Christmas decor theme/scheme and I find the craftsmanship to be brilliant. I would find it equally as brilliant if you would purchase a piece of the Nativity each year, for me as a Christmas gift. Over the many years we are sure to be married, I will eventually have the full collection - and also the many memories associated with it.

While I wholeheartedly realize that I can purchase the nativity for myself, I want to provide you with the opportunity to create a tradition for us and the opportunity to give me something that I truely want.

All my love,

What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions? How have you maintained following them over the years?


Amy Pennington said...

we decorate gingerbread houses made from grahams crackers and hand them out to friends right before christmas...oh and we make handmade ornaments every christmas eve

Lanna said...

I just bought that set Saturday as a gift for someone, but would like one of my own! :) Traditions--my family always opens presents in the afternoon. Breakfast is done and cleaned up. The house is clean. Dinner is in the oven. No one has to work. Everyone is relaxed. We're able to really enjoy each other and the holiday.

Jill said...

Hey! Looks like we were on the same wave-length with the tradition thing!
A recent tradition we have started is going to a movie on Christmas Day. Just the four of us. The rest of the holiday is so full of family and friends... we thought we needed something just for us. WE love it! The kids choose the movie each year.... haven't picked a stinker yet!
Come on over to my place... a tradition celebration is in the works! Would love to have you join!

Valerie said...

That's on my Christmas wish list too!

A tradition we have had since I was a little girl is opening up one present on Christmas Eve....which is, of course, pajamas. Then we all wake up Christmas morning to yummy butterscotch rolls.

eb said...

what a lovely tradition...

xox - eb.