Hello Love's!

Hi guys! I'm alive and doing well. I got home from the Craft and Hobby Association show in Chicago yesterday and am busy getting unpacked and things situated. There are some rather big things on the horizon which need to be worked through (not crafty related) so I might not be updating much for a bit while I get them squared away. Things will work out though!



SSgtBullsGirl said...

honey i hope everything is ok. thinking of you. hope you had a great time at cha... heard you saw april... jealous!
love ya girl
le anne

~Jamie said...

I hope all is well! I hope you had a total blast at the show! I am sure you did though :)

(on a side note, the word verification I am having to fill in to enter this comment is butee heheh)

Heather said...

Hello LOVE?!?! What are you... British? Did you bring back some shrubbery too? :o)