Happy Day Things...

Seriously, there have been some very happy day things happening around here lately.

First, the buyer for the Marshall Creek house finally got back to us with the inspectors findings, and her repair requests. The absurdity of some of her requests will be shared on another day, but he accepted the repairs we are willing to do and did not try to haggle with us on the price. YAY! We’re going to close on June 21st at 10am. Happy Day! Seriously!!!

Second, Silver Bella ’07 registration came – and I’m going! This is a huge dealio for me. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to go due to the craziness of our impending Pine Ridge house repairs. I was really bummed about it – but the magical glitter flew into a tizzy and it all worked out. I’m going to Silver Bella! Wahooo! (And, I’ve already started my Vitamin C supplements. I will NOT get sick like I did last year – I just won’t!) The Yahoo! Group has started up, and what a big bunch we have this year! It's always fun to get to know my Bella Sisters before the grand event - I'm already counting down the days - 149 sleeps left!

Third, not so sure if this is a happy thing yet or not (I’m sure on my resume it’s an incredibly happy thing) I’ve been deemed and ISO Auditor. Yay. Yay? Maybe that should be a YAY! Either way, I get the dubious task of preparing my boss’ teams for our internal audit which will occur in a month or so. Then, I’ll get to audit the other departments who are also going for ISO audits. Another… yay? I’m sure everyone will love it when they see me coming. I’ll have to bring chocolate. Everything is better with chocolate… right? One happy thing about being an ISO auditor is that while I’m in Salt Lake, I’ll be able to visit with my brother Robert and his crew! Hopefully, I’ll also be able to catch up with my Fab-o Aunt Carolyn and Rockin' Uncle Ernest and their brood too. I definitely have to get Darren to do my hair – oh what fun we could have!

Fourth, I will be at CHA-Summer this year with the Maya Road team in Chicago. I’m really looking forward to it. Maya Road has been a great company to work with! Their products are fun to work with, easy to design with, are very inspiring, and they keep coming out with fun new products. I really can’t believe my tenure is almost up – it’s amazing how fast 3 years can fly by!
Fifth, the book Foof-a-Life is shipping and should be at The Scrapbook Pad any day now. I have been waiting on pins and needles for this fun book to arrive. I am so stoked to sit and enjoy each page. I am prepared to devour each project and idea with reckless abandon!

Sixth, the Pine Ridge house is finally coming together (i.e. getting unpacked and settled in – not being repaired/demolished... yet). Seriously. This was our house about a month ago. Yes, we had a disastrously dangerous living room. Of course, this photo was taken the same very same day as we moved the “little odds and ends” out of the Marshall Creek house. And, of course, in true man fashion Steve didn’t strategically put anything anywhere. As long as it was into the new house – we called it good. I’ll take photos of the house tonight and will try to share them soon.

There are definitely happy things going on – I need to remember to focus on them instead of on the negative. The negative can totally drag me down – and I tend to let it. Such a sad thing really!


Kimla Kay said...

So glad things are going well for you Heather! And thanks for the heads up on Miss T's book heading to Colleyville. I love the Scrapbook Pad and think it is perhaps the best store in the DFW area. What do you think? You seem like such a coolio chick...hope we get to meet before Omaha rolls around.

Kimla (Lewisville)

Heather said...

Yay! So glad that things are looking much brighter!

Anonymous said...

Well congrats on the house issues. Sounds promising!! And congrats on your new position...wow. And Chicago should be a great time!! You are on a roll, girl!
Thanks so much for your help with the Silver Bella Yahoo Boards...would never do all of that without you. Big hugs!

Maija said...

Once again, I am SO HAPPY that you are going to Silver Bella, and you will be my roomate!

perezpark, texas said...

hey heather,
glad you found my blog.
i loved gasc. i always do.the hambly class was good. i enjoyed chatting with the teacher after the class{crystal}, she is really sweet. did you leave it early? i didn't see you after it started.
p.s. mendy is going to the paper bella thingy in arizona in a few weeks. is that the one you are going to?

eb said...

thanks for sharing your happiness -

more happy days to you

xox - eb.