Another week ....

Wow… so much going on!

First, the tile work is done! Yay! It’s amazing how such a minor change can make such a huge difference in the overall look of our home. I think it’ll encourage Steve to get the wood floors laid sooner. J I need to work on getting everything that had to be moved back into it’s place. That, my friends, is a HUGE challenge! I’m getting used to cold floors. I’m sure in the coming summer months I’ll be thrilled with cool floors. However, currently, in the cold that has moved into N. Texas – I am freezing!

I often get double takes from visitors (Steve too for that matter!) to our home. Once I get home from work, I usually immediately change into comfy attire which normally includes flannel or workout pants, long sleeved and short sleeved t-shirts (both at the same time), thick warm socks, and a sweatshirt. I look like I’m stuck in the middle of a snowstorm trying to conserve heat. It’s not that Steve likes to keep our home at frigid temperatures; it’s that I’m always freezing.

Why am I always freezing?

One reason is that I lost most of my natural thermal layers as I worked at losing weight. Another reason is that I am severely anemic. What kind of anemia though is currently up in the air. A few of you may remember that a few years ago it was discovered that I had sickle cell anemia – an unusual condition and when found is usually among black Americans. FYI: I’m an uber white girl – blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, EXTREMELY prone to sunburns. However, repeated tests verified their findings. (Side Note: It is very possible for a white person to have sickle cell anemia. For this to genetically occur, both genetic donors (ie mother and father) must also carry the specific gene which may or may not be active. Interpreted – both of my biological parents have “black” somewhere in their family genetics. While they may not have had sickle cell anemia, the combining of their genetics (because they were both carriers) gave me sickle cell anemia.) Interesting thing to find out about yourself, eh?

Recently, my doctor retested my blood as part of my annual physical. She feels that her original findings may not be correct and that I might, perhaps, have a different form of anemia. We do know, without a doubt that I’m anemic – which explains why I’m always so freakin’ cold. Further testing in 8 weeks will hopefully determine what’s going on, what I really “have” and how we can work to get my body balanced out.

Back to reality… sorry for the rambling tangent….

Steve and I are heading down to McAllen, Texas this weekend to help my sister and her family move into their new house. It’s a rather unexpected trip, but when family has a need – we’ll do whatever we can to fill it. Our roles this weekend will to be the official babysitters for their three children; Arissa (5), Michael(3), and Ainsley(1).

Does anyone have any ideas on how to entertain 3 young children for two days, on a low cost budget, in a hotel room? Granted we won’t be in a hotel room the whole time. We have time set aside to go eat lunch at Burger King and burn off some energy in their Play Place and time set aside to visit the movie theatre. We’ll probably do some mall walking. Other than watching movies in bed, or coloring in coloring books, I can’t think of other things to do. Of course, I’ll be taking oodles of photos the whole time. How entertaining is that for them though? :)

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T. said...

Have you thought about sock puppets? How about play-doh since you won't have to clean the hotel carpet? Bubble bath.

I had my 8yo girl, 7 yo nephew & 3 yo nephew over Christmas. I got a lot of milage out of walking to the pond & feeding ducks. Usually good for an hour without fighting.

Good luck. May the force be with you!!