CHA is right around the corner...

I know. Really I do. You're tired of reading about CHA. Tough. I'm going to keep writing, so if you don't want to read about it today, you can click right over to your next blog. :)

Seriously, CHA.... fun fun fun! I've even second guessed myself on my choice to not attend this year. Part of me is dissapointed, but the other part (and slightly larger part) satisfied with the decision. There are a lot of companies coming out with incredibly fabulous products (or at least I think they'll be fabulously incredible - time will be the determining factor though). Here's a synopsis of the things I'm looking most forward to seeing, hearing, and reading about:

Maya Road: Of course, I'm biased. I've been able to play with most of the fun new stuff and have already formed an opinion (and an addition to) them. Maya Road is releasing an abundance of fabulous new products which include more chipboard albums, more sheers (paisley, anyone?), new acrylic stamps (more about them in a minute), new rubons (paisleys, hearts, and more!), new velvet stitched ribbons, new velvet die cut ribbons, AND... velvet flowers. Seriously awesome stuff. One of the coolest things about one of the MR stamps is that they are made to FIT the MR Foundations Chipboard. Yes, FIT them. Brilliant move on Deb's part to design that into the plan!

Luxe Designs: Surely, anything associated or inspired by 'Sex in the City' has to be good - right? Obviously, having a team mostly based in DFW (Kelli E. isn't here) adds to the coolness factor. I love that they've been doing sneak peeks on their blog each day leading up to CHA. I am very excited to see what this incredible team has up thier sleeves - and I can't wait to get their products into my hot little hands to play with!

Junkitz: Seriously - Teresa's Extreme Boy line looks so unbelievably cool. I can't wait to get my hands on it and create something out of the crazy photos I have of Thomas. I can't wait for Micheal to do something crazy so I can scrap fun photos of him too! The other two lines being released (Salsa Celebration by Stacey Panassidi and Be Fanciful by Janna) are beautiful too! They both offer something to every scrapper.

Technique Tuesday: As you well know, stamps hold a tender spot in my heart. Technique Tuesday stamps are one of my favorites. Their creative team always has something fun and exciting to share at these events (and of course I always HAVE to have each set).

Basic Grey: If you look at their papers, you'll fall in love too! All of their lines are gorgeous, and their products are fabulous. They're SO good that they're often imitated.

Autumn Leaves: Due to my affection for all things Foof-a-La, and Rhonna's acrylic stamps I'll be scouring the boards for every glimpse of new products from both of these teams. Foof-a-La isn't just a product line you know, it's an attitude.

Whoops.... there's more to share, but gotta get back to work!

P.S. The tile dudes arrived and our house is in full update mode! Photos later!

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Anonymous said...

Paisley Sheers! To die for! I saw a sneak peek of those on another site and I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on them!