Welcome: Fourth Quarter 2006

Ever have one of those days… that turns into one of those weeks… that could quite possibly turn into one of those months?

That’s where I’m at.

Welcome to the fourth quarter of 2006, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Everyone at work has told me over and over… “Just wait until fourth quarter; you’ll be so busy you won’t know what to do!” (They should have just said wait until the end of November and all of December get here.. you'll wish you had another job!)

They were right. Don’t get me wrong, the overtime will be fantastic. Steve will be thrilled with the extra money. However, I’m going to be so tired – I wont be able to spend it (Steve will remain thrilled). It’s a blessing to have a job, and have the benefits – but my golly, my mental stamina might be completely gone by 12/31!

I worked 52 hours last week, and that’s with leaving work at 2pm on Wednesday and not working at all on Thursday.

This week is going to be even worse. I predict close to 68 hours, but I could be wrong.

Please, God, please let me be wrong!

The point of my rambling, whining post is that I might be MIA over the next few weeks. Don’t worry, if all fails, I’ll definitely be back in time to report about my incredible massage and a spa visit in January (I'm going to get that appointment scheduled ASAP, and am treating myself – go me! I deserve it!).

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Maija said...

Oh honey, I remember what it was like being in the last qaaurter of the year. Everyone NEEDS to close to get their "numbers" right...buyers, builders and loan officers. I feel for you. You're going to need that spa trip! I've written more about the surgery on my blog...check it out-I'd love to hear your comments!