Do you ever....

Do you ever have one of those days where you realize that some things in your life just plain suck – and there’s not a dang thing you can do about it?

Today is one of those days. No, my life in general does not suck. Circumstances and attitudes/people beyond my control do. It’s hard. It’s especially hard when surrounded by these people, and when trying to do nice things for them that go completely unappreciated, unnoticed, or are just expected.

Maybe I’m just being overly PMSy hormonal and blowing things out of proportion (which could entirely be accurate).

One thing I know for sure, and it's become even more clearer over the last few days, I love, appreciate, and am incredibly thankful for my family – and for my parents and how they chose to raise my siblings and I. During days like today, the contrasts become obvious – and my heart is full of thanksgiving for them, and for their endless love and support.

I’ve learned a few things over the last few days and have made some decisions:

  • I will teach my children the value of working and earning.
  • I will teach my children the value in showing appreciation and giving thanks.
  • I will teach my children the importance and power of family relationships.
  • I will teach my children the importance of supporting others through their challenges, struggles, trials, and grief.
  • I will teach my children the importance of being independent, and self sufficient.
  • I will teach my children how to communicate.
  • I will teach my children the importance of being modest (in clothing and actions).
  • I will teach my children the importance of cleanliness (in all things).
  • I will teach my children to respect others and their beliefs – even if (and especially if) they are different from ours.
  • I will teach my children that they determine their destination and path in life.
  • I will teach my children that their attitude is up to them.
  • I will teach my children that they have the choice to react or not to various influences.
  • I will love my children – and they will know they are loved, without end.

I have much to be thankful for in my life – and I am thankful. I realize that life is not perfect, and that everything can’t be ideal. Realizing these things makes me recognize the blessings and wonderful people I (usually) have around me – and who continually support and love me. I have an incredible husband, who loves me despite my faults. I have an incredible family (two of them!) who love me without end. I have a home, a job, and many other comforts that others do not. I have a Heavenly Father who gives me comfort, knows my needs, and is there for me when ever I need or call upon Him.

I am so blessed.


Anonymous said...

It is very interesting, isn't it, that one learns the greatest appreciation by going through trials and difficulties. We learn the value of love by experiencing the insensitive and often crass behaviors directed toward us or those we love. We learn the value of work by being put in a position to pick up after others that refuse to pick up after themselves. We learn the value of cleanliness when others around us create chaos in our environment. We learn the value of common courtesy (which I hasten to add isn't so common) when others are rude and inconsiderate. We learn the value of the atonement when we sacrifice a little of ourselves for others - especially those who are rude, cruel and hurtful. As we choose to take a higher road, we express and show gratitude for all the blessings the Lord has blessed us with - even the problems and trials in life. I loved your list of things you desire to teach your children. Just don't forget in the teaching process that YOUR example will be the greatest teacher they will have - the one that will impact them the greatest and make the biggest difference in their lives. I love you Sweetpea - I know you'll be a great mom when that time come. Mom

Kristy said...

Good for you -- and your mom -- for keeping things in perspective. It can be tough sometimes!

SSgtBullsGirl said...

For your struggles you are going through, I'm sorry!
I'm blessed to have you as a friend. I'm thinking of you and prayers and kisses to you!
Le Anne