Color Me Productive!

I know this is going to sound vain.... but... dang it, I'm impressed with myself! :) Thomas (my bro in law) popped over at 630am this morning, and I was actuallly coherent enough to manage a full conversation with him - AND make scones for breakfast. Ahhhh this doesn't happen often, especially when I'm feeling icky (but feeling MUCH better!), so I have to honk my own horn when I can. :)

My family LOVES scones. Actually I fell in love with them when we were in California for Kim's high school graduation. I hadn't had them before, and was able to enjoy them a few different times. Talk about heaven. I must admit, my favorite was from this cool mendo coffee shop in Ukiah called the "Coffee Critic". They were orange and cranberry flavored with just a bit of chopped walnuts.

As soon as we got home from that trip, I was running full throttle to find the perfect scone recipe. While it might not be perfect - it is yummy. We've tried lots of different variations on the recipe and have tossed lots of different flavors into the mix. Today it was cranberry (using fresh cranberries versus dried) and orange (using the dried peel found in the spice section of the grocery store). They are tasty... the boys were thrilled. I'm happy that I could do something so simple to make them both happy - and fill all of our tummies at the same time.

Tom actualy stopped by to see if one of us would go to IKEA with him. Oh would I??? Please, that's one store no one EVER has to ask me if I'l go to.. it's always a huge yes. Duh... love that place.

After that, it's onto getting the front flower garden tidied and ready for the fall. Fun times I tell you, fun time.

Off to IKEA....

Make it a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Gma Naughty says in the NW we have them with freshly whipped about yummy! Love you, Sheri