Weekend Update....

What a weekend! It was full of good times, great food, and incredible people.

Friday, we joined two couples from church for dinner. As I walked into our host’s home, I smelled something that reminded me of home! Turns out, Brooke was serving Savory Chicken (which is known as Party Chicken at my house, and as Chicken & Rice at Ryan’s house!). YUMMY! We had a fantastic time getting to know both couples, and learning fun little things about them. We’ve been invited to join them again next month, even though we’re not part of their dinner group. I’m so glad! It really was such fun!

After dinner Friday night, and after getting Steve off to work, I got my bake on. And bake I did. Unfortunately, a few of my treats met untimely deaths (mainly due to over baking, or new bread concoctions not working out), but I had plenty of yummies to take to our Garage / Bake Sale for Alexa and her parents.

Come 6am, I was on the road! After stopping by Sonic to pick up a tasty beverage for both Kristy and I, I arrived at Kristy’s home ready to do whatever it was I could to help get things ready to rock. Oh my. The sheer amount of donations was INCREDIBLE! Seriously, people were stopping by to drop items off all day long! It was awesome! Kristy was able to get an article into the Keller Citizen paper, letting the community know about Alexa and about our sale in addition to ads in the other local papers.

And did the community ever turn out. It was incredible. Seriously incredible. We had folks trying to talk us up on prices. Some stopped by and paid $20 for one cookie. One gentleman (covered in dirt from work) stopped by and just gave us a check for $100. Another community member paid $100 for a plate of cookies. We had other survivors (YAY!!!) stopping by to share their stories, and to donate what they could. A young boy came to the sale and then went home, cleaned out his piggy bank and brought what he had to us. People would stop by to shop, would go home, and then would return with items to donate to the cause. We were a little worried because the day started off really overcast, and had a chill to it (not a normal Texas day at all), but with positive thinking and a lot of prayers the day turned out just dandy!

The sale was a great success, mostly due to Kristy & Michelle’s hard work, and a lot of warm hearted community and church members. We were able to raise $2,500. It will be a huge benefit to Alexa’s friends and family. Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who thought of us on Saturday, and everyone who kept us in their prayers! (P.S. All the photos were hijacked from Kristy’s blog!)

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Kristy said...

Thanks for staying up all night baking and packaging -- presentation is everything!

And then ... you had a smile on your face all morning, too!